North Wall, Bowery Studio, WG3505

Wade Guyton

10 Juin - 30 Septembre 2016

'Opening' jeudi 9 juin 2016 de 18h à 20h

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Organisation Natacha Carron & Le Consortium, Paris


Wade Guyton’s North Wall, Bowery Studio, WG3505 (2016) is a new wall-sized, site-specific photographic mural. The mural, printed on adhesive vinyl, is a reproduction of a wall in Guyton’s New York studio. The image is a nearly 1:1 scale view of the North wall of his studio. The image includes the door of the freight elevator, a painting (WG3505), a window air conditioner covered in plastic, a fan, and a Nest thermostat. The painting depicts one of Guyton’s sculptures, a bent Breuer Ceska chair, standing in front of one of his black paintings propped up on 2x4s. The actual painting in the image will be in his exhibition at Le Consortium in Dijon from June 25 – September 25, 2016.


Le Mur 8 rue Saint-Bon 75004 Paris

Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday 2 - 7 pm


Le Consortium, Dijon & l'Académie Conti

exhibition curated by Nicolas Trembley

(25 Juin 2016 - 25 Septembre 2016)

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MAMCO, Musée d’art moderne et contemporain, Genève

(Octobre 2016 – Février 2017)


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